Quotes from Educators

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As part of Magical Moonshine Theatre's residency programs we often do assembly programs for grades k-8. School assembly programs are generally about 45-50 minutes long, offering an introduction to performing arts as well as various themes to the students. Below are some quotes from teacher and administrator feedback.

"Wow! Zowie! Bravo! Better and more wonderful each time I see you. You blew me away with the fullness of the show (Spanish language, music, humor, amazing artful backgrounds and props, movement, etc.)" -teacher, second grade, bilingual

"Fresh, clever dialogue, moves along...kids in the audience will identify with your son. Positively continue offering this show to Junior High." -teacher, eighth grade

"Fantastic puppets, props. Great enthusiasm. I really appreciated having a more well-rounded story that shows the Mexican and international heritage of this area! Can't wait for your next show!" -teacher, third grade

"My students just loved this production- of course it is so appropriate for re-enforcing the history of our state's beginning, but the technical aspect of the puppets was fascinating too....the props, puppets, songs and great humor--all were delightful!" -teacher, fourth grade

"Wow!! What a Great show! I especially enjoyed the use of English and Spanish. The singing was superb and the story line engaging at all times. The folktale led us to a discussion about human rights, oppression and greed." -teacher, second grade

"Absolutely great! The children were entranced! Music, puppets, staging, singing, performance, all were great! We especially enjoyed the way the two languages were inter-mixed to tell the story in such an effective way. Five Stars!" -teacher, first grade

"This is an exceptional group. My class was entertained with the story, songs and the presence of a young actor. We loved it! It fits in perfectly with our study of folktales." -teacher, fourth grade

"This was a very well written and presented production! My students were entranced by the puppets, the music was wonderful, and the story presented the theme of justice in an entertaining and non-dogmatic way. I appreciated how Spanish was woven into the dialog. I would recommend it highly! -teacher, second grade, bilingual