Gallery from July 4, 2010

Thanks to David Feldman and Valerie Nelson for the photos!


9am Unpacking the puppets at FM Machine Shop on Alabama Street (Big Thanks to Ron Massie for letting us stable the horse in his machine shop garage until the 4th!)

Gwyneth helps the General work out some of the kinks from the trip.

Gwyneth, Lisa and Sesh primp Lady Liberty.

Sue's Quaker ancestors came over in the 1600s (a little before the Statue of Liberty, but she joined the "boat people" sailing around the Lady in the parade.)

General Vallejo relaxes before the parade.

Stephanie is support, hospitality and puppy wrangler.

Sesh gets ready to carry the Giant Liberty.

Morgan, Sesh (inside) and Dan practice walking the Lady.

Time to head out to start the parade.

Fred and Kevin serve as valets for Vallejo.

Different point of view.


Savannah wonders if her boat has a life jacket.

Emigrants set out for America (ok, the Vallejo waterfront.)

Lead puppeteers Fred and Kevin from Fratello Marionettes guide the new puppeteers with the giants. At right is Gwyneth on Benica's hand, and Nancy in a boat.

Jaqualyne provided the perfect feet (and locomotion) for Benicia Vallejo.

Lady Liberty with her flotilla, including Nancy (on L) and Ilona (on R) in the Osprey..


A kiss in front of the chapel.

The Mare crew, from left, David (photographer roped in to helping, Benjie, Greg, Tenzin (obviously doing most of the pushing,) and Brian

Mare on Georgia.

The Mare gets frisky, as Brian (L), Michael (underneath) and Benjie try to control her.

Happy 4th of July!

The puppeteers and boat people pose with the giants after the parade.

There were approximate 30 volunteers in the giant puppet crew! All did great! Congratulations and thanks!

Gene, Cora and Naomi pose by their boats.

Beth, Elizabeth and Danalynne (the adults) with children in tow (or is it the other way around?) made it to America!

Lisa with Benica (and Dan peeking.)

Dan (hiding behind sign) Gwyneth, Kevin (hiding behing Gwyneth,) Lisa and Kevin, puppeteers, most for the first time!

Ready for the After-parade Festivities and to greet the public!

Valerie (co-creator of puppets and all round support team) and Charlie (her Dad) demonstrate the proper way to wear straw hats.