Quotes Regarding Magical Moonshine Theatre's Animal Folktales of the Americas

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Magical Moonshine Theatre has performed in 15 countries and in 8 languages in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Below are some quotes from the international press:

"Enchanting..." -The Times of India

"The story ... captivated the young audiences. They did not even notice the appearance of the puppet players ...Well received!" -Oriental News, Hong Kong

"...their manipulation was good, the choreography inventive and the lip-synch downright brilliant." -"Animations," a London theatre review magazine

"...great artistic quality in the working of puppets, masks and live music...Magical Moonshine Theatre (demonstrates) what can be done with only two adults and one child with their voices, thei r imagination and their friends of fabric and wire, the puppets." - El Universal Graphico , Mexico City, Mexico

"Their presence on the stage is an exciting spectacle full of life and color. Soon we forget the physical presence of Michael & Valerie who become one with the puppets. Here we are on our way to the world of fantasy and dreams." - La Republique du Centre Orleans Orleans, France

"The stories told by your puppets enchanted Thai and foreigners of all ages. " Animal Folktales of the Americas" presented an accessible combination of "traditional" arts - stortytelling and puppetry." -Jess L. Baily, USIS, Director, American University Alumni Language Center (A.U.A.) Thailand

"The exciting thing about MMTheatre is its' freshness and the feeling that you get that the performance has been planned only for you." -The Nation, Bangkok, Thailand

"There was no question about how the youngsters and others responded to MMTheatres' puppets (the performances) were tremendous successes. The puppeteers entertained their audiences humorously, creatively and professionally, bringing their puppets alive and supporting their performance with catchy music and song." -Claire Huffaker, USIS, Bombay, India

"MMTheatre shows excelled in fascinating their audiences with unique puppets and masks, entertaining people of all age groups. The humor, live characterizations, creative music, ranging from the synthesizer to traditional bamboo flute music, thrilled the children who attended." -Rebecca Winchester, USIS, Calcutta, India

"Thoroughly enjoyed by the children, the musical show retained inherent magic of both the legends and the art form." -The Telegraph, Calcutta, India

"The movements, technique and acting are funny enough to guide both young and old into the realm of fantasy. The production was simply fantastic." - Jugantar Daily, Calcutta, India

"MMTheatre truly presented an enchanting and scintillating show. Each performance was brillant in stagecraft. Their puppets were very amusing and smart." - Desh Weekly, Calcutta, India