The Recycling Show was commissioned in 2001 by the Town of Yountville as part of a Waste and Recycling Education Program.

The show was debuted at the Yountville Community Hall and had encore performances at the Yountville Farmers Market. As of the date of this writing (11/21/01) MMTheatre has received a grant to perform the program in a number of elementary schools in Napa County as well as develop The Recycling Game Show as a classroom activity that teachers and students can play.

The stage (above) made of recycled materials.

The Play:

Act 1. A hand puppet on stage decides to stack his garbage in his yard. Through the miracle of puppetry we are able to speed up time and show glimpses of his yard as the years go by until his house is completely covered with garbage. Then we are able to reverse time and start over, exploring with the puppet the concept of recycling. The human MC and puppet character each go through a bag of their garbage and sort it into types of recycling.

Act 2. The human MC, using object theatre, shows the puppet the life of various items (like an aluminum can) from mineral to consumer use to discard.

Act 3. Two puppets, along with help from the audience, play the Recycling Game Show where contestants answer questions about recycling, reimforcing recycling/reuse concepts, including "precycling."