Strange Love at Forbidden Puppet Cabaret

An evening of love as only Forbidden Puppet can do it!  Can puppets love?  Can they arouse?  Can they make you laugh?  Yes to all, as this wild variety of puppeteers, musicians, and mountebanks will show you.  Leave the kids at home and come find out what the puppets do behind closed doors and after hours!  Food, drink, a house concert, a party, make a puppet craft, and a crowd of great people await you at the Fetterly Theatre in Vallejo on Saturday, February 15, doors opening at 7pm.  You are welcome to come in costume (some do!)  You are welcome to bring some fun food to share.  We will have a beer and wine bar with surprises.
All ticket proceeds go to pay for the theater and then get divided among the performers, so choose your own ticket price and show your generous appreciation for these talented folks.

Short Acts of Creation, Animation and Mechanical Mayhem by Bay Area Eclectic Eccentrics

February 15.  Doors open at 7:00 for PreShow, Exhibit, Cocktails, and make a puppet project-

Show starts at 8:00 followed by After Party: more food, drink and finish your puppet project to take home. Costumes welcome.

Take a glimpse at a bit of our last Cabaret (theme: Chaos Never Dies Day)

Cast of Talented Artists!

Independent Eye - The Independent Eye is a professional theatre founded by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller in 1974, now based in Sebastopol, CA. In 33 years, they’ve presented 3000+ performances in 35 states & Canada & Israel, as well as public radio series. They act, write, compose, direct, design and do the dirty work. They also write plays for and do collaborations with other theatres. Their phenomenal acting and puppetry skills have blown away audiences at past Forbidden Puppet Cabarets.

Mary Nagler, Whorls of Wonder Puppets - For nearly forty years Mary has been a performing artist. She has toured with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus as one of their first Clown College trained female clowns. Puppetry was part of her comic performance with the Circus. In addition to her work as a performer, Mary is an experienced puppet builder and designer. She has worked on myriad puppet styles including the marionettes used in the film "Being John Malkovich,"and has built Muppets (such as crowd favorite Beaker) and puppets for the musical Avenue Q .

Warren Peace, Canine Poet Factory Warren Peace is a preeminent canine poet who delights in sharing his insights with audiences of all ages. He has headlined at cabarets and co-hosted radio programs, bringing a unique canine perspective to bear on the world we live in. He is usually accompanied by Brian Narelle, former writer/animator for Sesame Street, whose credits also include co-starring in the Discovery Channel's Bingo & Molly as a rabbit and a wolf.

Bernie Beauchamp Puppets In business since 2000, Bernie Beauchamp of Reno, Nevada has developed Beaupromo from a one puppet riverside novelty act into a polished gem of Marionette magic representing the high standards of professional puppet touring companies around the world. Bernie's dancing fire marionettes have been a Forbidden Puppet Cabaret favorite in the past.

Obtainium Works - Famous for the Never Was Haul 3 storey rolliing Victorian House, Vallejo steampunker Shannon O'Hare creates all kinds of contraptions out of "obtainium," some of which definitely qualify as puppets. Seen at Burning Man, the Mad Hatter Festival, and on the Science Channel in SF Oddities, he is an exciting and surprising return member of the Forbidden Puppet Cabaret cast.

Magical Moonshine Theatre - Founded in 1979 by Michael and Valerie Nelson, Magical Moonshine Theatre (MMT) performances have been seen coast to coast in the U.S., as well as internationally with performances over 15 countries in 8 different languages. Michael studied puppetry at the International Puppetry Institute with the late Jim Henson of the Muppets. Additionally, Nelson has taught puppet theatre arts at the Napa Valley College; was a California Arts Council Artist in Residency; has been a regular writer for the national journal of puppetry; is a past president of the San Francisco Bay Area Puppetry Guild; and is a past-President of UNIMA-USA. Valerie, in addition to being co founder of MMT is past faculty member of Tennessee Arts Academy, past workshop director of the National Puppetry Festival, and currently, along with Michael, is a California Arts Council Artist in the Schools.

Little Blue Moon Theatre - Perhaps the only puppet company in the world that specializes in sex and love puppetry. Past Forbidden Puppet Cabaret performers may remember them for their hilarious and instructive "Celebrity Kama Sutra." No Forbidden Puppet Cabaret centered on the theme of love would be complete without them.

SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS: The Insultants of Swing- Swing and Jazz stylings


Fetterly Playhouse, Vallejo  (Fetterly virgins, look below for map)

Live music. Unheard of Arts.
Puppet Slammers, Beer, Wine, Nosh.

Miss it and it’s gone.


Note:  We are trying something new on the on-line ticket service...various ticket prices ($15, 20, 25, etc.) with GENERAL SEATING.  A $25.00 ticket means more for the (starving) artists.  Pay what you can afford.  All proceeds go to support the event and, after expenses, are divided among the performers. Go to ticket website to secure your place and support these artists. Tickets at the door will start at $20.00!

Funding for this event has been made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network -

For more info or to submit your own act for consideration:

Visit this page again for more details. Or join the SF Bay Area Slam Network on Facebook, or email (address above) to request to join the Bay Area Puppet Slam Yahoo Group! Keep informed!

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