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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Children's Creative Project Funding can be used in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties

Annual funding amount is $200.00 per school in SB County and $100.00 per school in SLO County

The below information should assist you in securing CCP funds for your Magical Moonshine Theatre program. The simple method? Call us at 707-363-4573 or email at mail@magicalmoonshine.org and we will walk you through it.

Unfamiliar with Magical Moonshine? Take a moment to explore our website. We have been performing in CA schools for over 3 decades, where our award winning, internationally acclaimed performances have received excellent reviews. We teach puppetry to students (to the content standards) as California Artists in the Schools, and the California Arts Council has granted MMT the highest "Exemplary" rating.

Children's Creative Project Form for Funding

Below are the instructions from Children's Creative Project, with Magical Moonshine information in blue.

Touring Artist Program How It Works

Children's Creative Project Office : 964–4710 ext . 4411

Performance Scheduling & Coordination To schedule performances and workshops, all public and private schools and libraries must contact directly the touring artists sponsored in the CCP Arts Catalog and Website. Please tell the artist that you are participating in the CCP program. After you have determined a firm date and fee for the performance or workshop,
you must report the information to the CCP (use this form.)

Minimum Booking Requirements Because many of the touring companies come from outside of our community, they have set minimum booking requirements for performances. If your school does not meet these minimum booking requirements, please try to find one or more partner schools to schedule additional performances. These can be scheduled together, or block-booked. Please see “Minimum Booking/Number Performances” in the Touring Artist Performances Index. While Magical Moonshine does have a minimum number of shows requirement to come to the area, we regularly have tours that come to or pass through the SLO/SB area and can often include a stop at one or more schools for programs without your having to find other schools to create a tour. Call us at 707-363-4573 to check on dates when we might be in or around your area.

Scheduling Performances and touring artist workshops generally run for 45 minutes. Please be sure the school and auditorium schedules are clear of conflicts before booking an event. Due to heavy scheduling of artists, the ability to reschedule is very limited. Please be aware of each artist’s cancellation policy. Magical Moonshine shows run 45-50 minutes. We prefer not to cancel, especially if the engagement is part of a tour involving other schools, but life has its uncertainties, and we accept that.

Performance Study Guide Please ask touring artists if they provide a performance study guide. This can help classroom teachers prepare students for the performance and provide follow-up activities. Approximately 2 weeks before an assembly, we will mail to the school teachers' materials. If you want them sooner, just let us know.

Technical Requirements & Preparation The stage must be cleared and technical requirements prepared prior to the artists’ arrival. Please ask the touring artists if they require any technical assistance. Students should be seated early enough to begin the event at the prearranged starting time. Allow enough time between events to give performers a rest and to move students in and out of the performance area. We can do our shows with as little as 10 minutes between shows, so, for example, we could have an assembly at 9am and the second one at 10am.

Fees & Funds Fees and other essential information are listed in the Touring Artist Performances Index. Workshops for students, families, and school staff professional development are identified in the last three columns. Magical Moonshine Theatre artists Michael and Valerie Nelson are California Arts Council Artists in the Schools, with a large amount of puppetry and drama curriculum material we teach to the content standards. In addition, in 2010 we joined the faculty of the Tennessee Arts Academy, teaching drama and puppetry for teachers in the classroom.

Double Performance Fee A double performance fee applies to two performances that are presented back-to-back at the same site on the same day.

Payments The Children’s Creative Project pays all artists for services provided. The CCP will invoice schools and libraries for reimbursement. The arts credit available to public schools will be deducted from the total invoice for all services scheduled during the academic year.

Arts Credit The CCP offers one arts credit for each public school (grades K–12). It supports in part touring artist fees.

Funds Available The Children's Creative Project and touring artists offer funding assistance. This is indicated with “yes” listed in the column titled “Funds Available” in the Touring Artist Performances Index.

Before You Contact the Artist Please discuss all program details with the principal or site administrator before scheduling a performance. You will need all or some of the information below:
— site contact person information (name, phone)
— site address and staging area
— site directions from the nearest freeway -
we usually use a gps, so not necessary
— site calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts
— site hours for start, dismissal, lunch and recess
— site floor surface (wood, concrete, carpet, etc.)
We can work on all surfaces
— dimensions of staging area
For us this depends on the show we are bringing, we have been performing in California schools for over 30 years and design our shows to fit (if your school performance space is unusual, it would be good to plan ahead)
— availability of a private dressing area
Not needed
— number of microphones available
We bring our own
— availability of a piano
Not needed
— number of students attending and grade level


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