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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Magical Moonshine Theatre Shows

Magical Moonshine has a large selection of productions for you to choose from, everything from large, mainstage performances that can be seen by 600-1000, to small shows for the home party, library, classroom, cafe or gallery. To help you find what you are looking for, please select from the following choices, or for personal help, call 707-363-4573 or email mail@magicalmoonshine.org.

Fees vary according to production and travel, but there is something for most every budget.

School Assemblies --(School Funding Programs in California)

Preschool Shows

Bilingual (and minimal text) Shows

Library Shows

Party and Event Shows

Outdoor (small scale and festival) Shows

New for Fall, 2011: Cannibal Island, A Taste of Paradise (ages 12 and up)

(Some unsorted shows below)


The Gunnywolf-opening Spring 2019

Little Rabbit goes into the forest to pick flowers even after her mother tells her not to. There she meets the Gunnywolf who wants her to sing him to sleep. Every time she stops singing, the Gunnywolf wakes up and wants another song. Meanwhile, Little Rabbit's froggie friends are working on their act with hilarious results. This musical show is presented with Bohemian style marionettes on a table top stage. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

New Series: Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales done with puppets, paper theatre, actors and musicians

Tale One: The Miller's Tale (this one's for the grownups!) A carpenter tries to keep his wife faithful, but she is less than chaste. For more on this and upcoming plays and this exciting literary partnership with McCune Rare Book Library (the McCune Collection) click here.

Chanticleer the Rooster

Magical Moonshine's newest addition to the Canterbury Collection is Chaucer's Canterbury tale about a rooster who is caught by the flattering fox...but foxes can be fooled as well. Assisting the beloved Chanticleer is a wise ant, as well as the pig, sheep, goat, dog, hen and farmer. Medieval costumes and live, ancient music (including a version of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" from 1710!) make for a delightful and interactive family program. This production is inspired by the Kelmscott Chaucer from the McCune Art and Rare Book Collection, who are sponsors of the project.

The Puppet Man

For hundreds of years puppet entertainers have roamed the streets in countries all over the world. They have sought to delight, amuse, reform their audiences, as well as earn their keep in society. Traditional puppet characters such as England's Punch and Judy, Germany's Kasperl, and France's Guignol all evolved from humble folk origins, nurtured by these street performers.
In The Puppet Man, MMT's Michael Nelson creates his own version of traditional European street theatre. The performances are colorful, lively, spontaneous and ever-changing.  In this unique theatrical experience, the puppeteer, puppets and audience respond to each other to create the play together!

Great for Libraries.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Puppylocks and the Three Bears

WHAT IF? What if the Three Bears were really Teddy Bears? And What if Goldilocks was not a little girl at all, but a golden, mischievous little dog? That is exactly the case is this very funny retelling of the traditional fairytale. Watch this impish little dog do everything wrong in the Bear's house while the bears are off to the TEDDYBEAR CIRCUS! Puppylocks is presented with traditional Bohemian style marionettes on a tabletop stage. It runs about 40 minutes and is highly recommended for ages 3 and up. Live music and singing.


The Three Little Pigs

Three pigs set out to seek their fortunes with a bit of house building. Things don't go as planned in this creative retelling of the traditional story; houses collapse, pigs and wolves play together and audience members help the story along with lots of live music, singing, construction and laughter. Presented with traditional Bohemian style marionettes on a tabletop stage. This show runs about 40 minutes and is recommended for ages 3 and up.


Animalitos (The Little Animals)

A collection of Aesop's fables woven together in a magical puppet dance. A rabbit starts a race with a tortoise, but seeing that he has plenty of time, he wanders off, and gets involved with a fox who is trying to court a crane with a romantic dinner for two. With some clever tricks they manage to get some food to serve but things go awry when the fox talks the rabbit into being the waiter for the meal. Meanwhile the tortoise is getting closer and closer to the finish line...

This story is told in a combination of English and Spanish.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


The Armadillo's Rancho

This story from Argentina tells of a wealthy Fox who tries to take advantage of a poor Armadillo, making her work his garden for him. He thinks he is getting the best part of the deal, but the Armadillo is smarter than he is at every turn and in the end succeeds in setting things right once and for all.

This story is told in a combination of English and Spanish.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


How the Dragon Got His Horns

In this Chinese/American tale, Rooster loans his horns to dragon who never returns them. This story is told with Chinese style shadow puppets and paper cut outs and usually culminates in an audience assisted dragon dance with our 30 foot dragon puppet (pictured above.)


Coyote Sings

In the Native American story, Coyote Sings, the crazy buffoon, Coyote tries desperately to learn a song. This combined with his bungling attempts to hunt for food and impress all his neighbors with his personal skills make for hilarious slaps tick. Southwest motifs and designs and Mexican folk tunes make this bilingual show a very poplar addition.

This story is told in a combination of English and Spanish.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

The Fox and the Condor

In this mythological story from South America, there is little food on the earth while in the clouds the birds have much food. The Condor, the king of the birds takes pity on a hungry fox and carries him up to the clouds to eat, but the greedy fox does not stop eating until he falls from the cloud and his belly bursts open, spreading seeds all over the earth. It is these seeds from which the plants on earth have descended (so the tale tells us.)

This story is told in a combination of English and Spanish.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Cirque du Cafe

MMT's Cirque du Cafe is a table top circus for the whole family, where salt shakers do a trapeze act, a wine bottle and a baguette perform magic, a bread roll rides a pizza cutter unicycle and a banana swallows swords longer than it's body. This is object theatre and puppetry and circus and great fun!

This show was originally designed for adult audiences in the cafe setting, but since it opened in Spring of 2005 it has played very well in various forms for family as well as adult audiences, in a variety of settings, both restaurant as well as theater.

With many acts, the length and age appropriateness can be adjusted.


Tales of Br'er Rabbit

In these African American trickster tales, the clever Br'er Rabbit survives by relying on his wits. The stories are told with large, direct-manipulation puppets, live banjo music and singing and have been an audience favorite since 1981.

Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Dragon, Tiger and Bear

This story is a Southeast Asian Folktale from the Hmong people.  Long ago a wise, old man lived with a Bear, a Tiger and a Dragon. One day the animals all set out to try to scare one another by seeing who could make the greatest commotion. When the man finally took his turn, he used his brains to teach the others a lesson. He scared the animals so badly that bears, tigers and dragons will no longer live with people. The story is presented with shadow puppets, masks, and live music played on a variety of SE Asian musical instruments.

Great for Libraries.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


The Fox and the Elk Make a Trade

In this story a fox and elk decide that they are not happy with the way they are made, so they decide to switch arms and legs with each other. The fox, now with very long arms and legs, finds that she can no longer hunt, and is in danger of starving. The elk with the short fox arms and legs can not reach the leaves on the trees that he is used to eating. Both finally realize that they were much better off the way they were originally and in the end exchange arms and legs again, happy to have their old limbs back. The story is humorously set to popular U.S. music of the 50s.

Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Coyote Brings Fire to the People

It is told that long ago when the earth was new, the people of California were cold because they did not have fire. They went to Coyote for help and he organized Bear, Mountain Lion, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Frog to help steal fire for the people. MMT presents this native Californian folktale with shadow puppets and music.

Great for Libraries.
Recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Coyote and Grizzy Bear

Native Americans of the Western part of this continent tell many stories about the trickster, Coyote. In this story from the plains states, Coyote plays a trick on the ungrateful Grizzly Bear, thus saving the life of Mountain Ram. Although presented as a Native American folktale here, the theme of this story is universal, and appears in tales from many cultures around the world. This folktale is told with masks and Native American drum.

Recommended for children ages 4 and up.



Seasonal and Special Programs

4th of July Parade, City of Vallejo, California

July 4, 2007 Marked the 200th birthday celebration of General Mariano Vallejo, who lived in Sonoma, California. The city of Vallejo, California is named after him.
To celebrate, the cities of Sonoma and Vallejo commissioned MMT to make two giant Vallejo puppets to walk in parades.
We made the puppets very light and airy so the puppeteer inside would be as comfortable as possible.  By the end, the puppet weighed about 17 pounds. It also had a structure inside of it that allowed the puppeteer to stand the puppet on the street and rest, not holding the weight of the puppet at all.

The Grape Blessing

The Earth Mother, represented by a graceful 14 foot tall figure, leads the procession of musicians and celebrants to the rustic altar, made of barrels, burls and natural objects. There She takes her place to preside over the following ceremony:

 First comes a symbolic creation of Napa Valley (or Sonoma Valley, Central Valley, etc.); great seismic forces shift rocks, sand and wood in a symbolic geological tableau.

 Following is the purification of the ceremonial grape knife, and the harvest of the grapes, the crushing of the grape to juice, and the offering to the four directions. When the offering is given to the Earth, the Spirit of the Vines (an animated figure made of natural grape vines) is awakened.

At his touch the bounty (and the bottle on the altar) overflow, as red wine fountains down over the altar in abundance. The blessing is complete with offerings of music and poetry shared with the celebrants.

Recommended for adult audiences.


Magical Moonshine Theatre often produces special seasonal and event related offerings.  Call for info.  707-363-4573


For more information
about any of our programs or to secure a date,
contact us at 707.363.4573. or mail@magicalmoonshine.org


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