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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Reviews and Quotes

from Journalists and Press, Educators, Librarians, City Recreation Directors, Festival Presenters, Diplomats, and Fans!

"Magical Moonshine Theater engages students. Masterful storytellers, whether they’re teaching about California history or tales from South American cultures, their presentations are wrapped in authentic music and beautiful, original artwork. Their assemblies are food for thought and a feast for the senses!" -Elementary Principal

"The story ... captivated the young audiences. They did not even notice the appearance of the puppet players ...Well received!" Oriental News, Hong Kong

"This is an exceptional group. My class was entertained with the story, songs and the presence of a young actor. We loved it! It fits in perfectly with our study of folktales." teacher, fourth grade

"...their manipulation was good, the choreography inventive and the lip-synch (to live voices) downright brilliant." "Animations", a London theatre review magazine

Live music, bi-lingual storytellers, hand-made puppets smaller than your hand and larger than your car – all the drama of theatre wrapped-up in presentations that address California state standards. Were all learning this engaging, we’d have a nation of scholars! It’s academic jumbalaya! [And then add, “let the good times roll” in Cajun – lez bon temp…] Principal, Northwood Elementary, Napa, CA

"...great artistic quality in the working of puppets, masks and live music...Magical Moonshine Theatre (demonstrates) what can be done with only two adults and one child with their voices, their imagination and their friends of fabric and wire, the puppets." El Universal Graphico, Mexico City, Mexico

"Fresh, clever dialogue, moves along...kids in the audience will identify with your son. Positively continue offering this show to Junior High." teacher, eighth grade

"Their presence on the stage is an exciting spectacle full of life and color. Soon we forget the physical presence of Michael & Valerie who become one with the puppets. Here we are on our way to the world of fantasy and dreams." La République du Centre Orléans, Orleans, France

"Live music and crisp funny dialogue delightfully acted in English and Spanish give the show sparkle and add to its educational value as well." The Puppetry Journal

"Enchanting..." Times of India

"Wow!! What a Great show! I especially enjoyed the use of English and Spanish. The singing was superb and the story line engaging at all times. The folktale led us to a discussion about human rights, oppression and greed." teacher, second grade

"Absolutely great! The children were entranced! Music, puppets, staging, singing, performance, all were great! We especially enjoyed the way the two languages were inter-mixed to tell the story in such an effective way. Five Stars!" teacher, first grade


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