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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Performances Suitable for Preschool Audiences (ages 2 and up)

Interested in a show? Email us or call 707-363-4573.

The Gunnywolf-opening Spring 2019

Little Rabbit goes into the forest to pick flowers even after her mother tells her not to. There she meets the Gunnywolf who wants her to sing him to sleep. Every time she stops singing, the Gunnywolf wakes up and wants another song. Meanwhile, Little Rabbit's froggie friends are working on their act with hilarious results. This musical show is presented with Bohemian style marionettes on a table top stage. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Puppylocks and the Three Bears

WHAT IF? What if the Three Bears were really Teddy Bears! And What if Goldilocks was not a little girl at all, but a golden, mischievous little dog? That is exactly the case is this very funny retelling of the traditional fairytale. Watch this impish little dog do everything wrong in the Bear's house while the bears are off to the TEDDYBEAR CIRCUS! Puppylocks is presented with traditional Bohemian style marionettes on a tabletop stage. It runs about 40 minutes and is highly recommended for ages 3 and up. Live music and singing.

The Three Little Pigs

Three pigs set out to seek their fortunes with a bit of house building. Things don't go as planned in this creative retelling of the traditional story; houses collapse, pigs and wolves play together and audience members help the story along with lots of live music, singing, construction and laughter. Presented with traditional Bohemian style marionettes on a tabletop stage. This show runs about 40 minutes and is recommended for ages 3 and up.


The Puppet Man

The Puppet Man is a hand puppet presentation done in a very traditional, European style.  With the puppeteer (Michael) wearing the walk-around stage, the presentation consists of a variety of humorous skits, sometimes requiring audience members to help out or make suggestions to help the puppets solve problems.  This presentation can be geared to few-year-olds or older, elementary aged children.  Different themes can often be accommodated.

Little Elephant Has A Ball


This table top presentation was designed for the Puppets In The Preschool Conference at Contra Costa College, and was created to be developmentally appropriate for preschool audiences.  In the story, Little Elephant finds a ball, but when she goes to play with Monkey and Zebra, she discovers that they are much better players than she is and at first would rather play without her.  With the prodding of Lion, the animals learn how to play together and appreciate each one's different  skills with the ball.  This funny and tender show includes live music on the ukelele and singing with children learning the songs and hand plays to join in, as well as helping the animals figure out how to solve their problems.


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