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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Answers to some questions Frequently asked by schools

Length and Age Appropriateness: All Magical Moonshine Theatre assembly programs run between 45-50 minutes long. All are suitable for K-6, some are suitable for pre-k, and some for middle and high school ages.

.................."Fresh, clever dialogue, moves along.... Positively continue offering this show to Junior High." teacher, eighth grade

Technical needs vary somewhat, according to the show performed, but all are designed to be technically simple and versatile to ensure success in a variety of school performance settings. We bring staging, curtains, lights, sound equipment in addition to the production, so that we can create a theater atmosphere even in a bare multipurpose room or gymnasium. If your school has a stage, we will generally adapt to perform on your stage, and if your school does not have a suitable indoor space we do have programs and outdoor staging that may allow us to perform outdoors at the school (this will vary and should be discussed with us to help us find the best program for your conditions.)

................."Wow!! What a Great show! I especially enjoyed the use of English and Spanish. The singing was superb and the story line engaging at all times. The folktale led us to a discussion about human rights, oppression and greed." teacher, second grade

Accessibility: Many of our performances are multicultural and some are bilingual (Spanish/English) and some are not language dependent. Special needs students routinely watch and enjoy our programs.

..................Absolutely great! The children were entranced! Music, puppets, staging, singing, performance, all were great! We especially enjoyed the way the two languages were inter-mixed to tell the story in such an effective way. Five Stars!" teacher, first grade

Pricing for Assemblies: Our school fees may vary, depending on distance and situation, but are based upon a standard fee of $585.00 for a single assembly program and $895.00 for a double program (two programs back to back). In certain areas we have funding support (call for info about your area) and in some areas more distant from us we may need a tour including several schools or venues in order to offer the standard fee.
Pricing for public shows, fund raisers, etc. Please note that our school assembly prices are substantially discounted from our standard public show fees which range from $1200.00-1400.00. For qualifying schools interested in using a Magical Moonshine Theatre program as a fundraiser we have a special program called “Puppet Fridays” which combines assembly programs with a public show at a very substantial discount that allows your school to possibly cover all of the Magical Moonshine Theatre fee and make money for other programs or activities as well (see Puppet Fridays, page 6 for more information.)

................."This is an exceptional group. My class was entertained with the story and songs. We loved it! It fits in perfectly with our study of folktales." teacher, fourth grade

Teacher Support and Frameworks: Magical Moonshine Theatre has extensive teacher curriculum support for before and after the performance, including activities based on the California Frameworks and Standards as well as many creative projects for students of all ages, all included with our assembly packages.


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