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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979

Links and Fun Stuff

Bonus Material! Puppylocks and the Three Bears Out Take: Papa Bear's New Camera

Giant Puppet Pages (check out the giant puppets made by Magical Moonshine and the community of Vallejo, CA

Michael's PVC Pipe Organ Installation for the 2001 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Michael's Automata Page (whimsical moving sculptures with pictures and videos-not quite puppets, but fun)

Magical Moonshine Newsletter Archive

October, 2010 (make a ghost marionette, paper mask & video of Chester making a ghost costume)

December, 2010 (make fun finger puppets and video of Chester and Uncle Carl talking about ventriloquism)

* ...*....*

A Brief History of Puppet Theatre (thanks, Maggie)

San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild - Bay area puppetry organization

Puppeteers of America - National organization of puppetry

UNIMA-USA - U.S. branch of the International Organization of Puppetry


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