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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979



Magical Moonshine Theatre's award winning programs have received excellent evaluations from Santa Cruz County Schools in the past, who have appreciated our multicultural (and some bilingual) performances and assemblies.


With over 30 years of professional arts education experience in California schools, we believe in the value of arts education! In these days of tight budgets we want to make it easy for you to get the best quality arts programming for your students. The information below should help you secure your 50% SPECTRA grant funding.

Instructions to secure your funding.

Step 1. The SPECTRA Fast Track Matching Grants for MMTheatre programs begin with contacting us to find suitable dates for your assemblies. You can call us at 707-363-4573 or email us at mail@magicalmoonshine.org. You may want to look over our internationally acclaimed program offerings as well, although we'd be happy to help you select the right programs for your student population and educational goals by phone or email.

Step 2. Filling out the grant request. THIS LINK will open the pdf SPECTRA grant link for you to fill out. The form is short and simple. Below you will find some helpful specifics. Look for suggested answers in blue. Of course, you may feel free to edit or modify anything we have written to meet your own needs!

The below text is from the SPECTRA Funding Application. You should fill out the application itself, and print it and fax or mail it to SPECTRA (info at bottom) and feel free to use the information/text that we filled in below in blue.

School Name District
Mailing Address Phone
Contact’s Name Phone
Contact’s Title and E-mail
SPECTRA Artist/Organization for whom you are requesting funds:
Magical Moonshine Theatre
Program Title:
Animal Folktales of the Americas (or?)
Arts Discipline: ? Dance ? Literary Arts ? Music ?
Theatre ?
Visual Arts
Start Date End Date
(This would be the date of our assemblies with you)
Performance ? Workshop (3-7 sessions) ? Residency (8 or more sessions)
Days of week Times
Number Students Grades

Artist’s hourly teaching or performance fee
(double assembly program is $895, single is $585.00) Total number teaching hours
Artist teaching fee (hourly fee times number of teaching hours) $
Artist prep. time (Teaching fee divided by 3) $
Materials/supplies $
Other costs (e.g. kiln time) $
Total cost (Add previous 4 line items)
(double program is $895, single is $585.00)
Program Goals. State how this program fits in with the school’s objectives and alignment with California (this will vary from school to school, but here is an example:)
Performing arts and performing arts experiences are a vital part of a student's educational experience. Puppetry, as both a performing art and a visual art stimulates the student's creative imagination, leading the child into story (and, in the case of Magical Moonshine's program, other culture's stories. ) At the same time puppetry shows the students ways to participate and create their own stories, art, and theatre by example. In addition, in-school performances help build the audiences of tomorrow and provide opportunities for socialization. Folktales are human stories that have been honed by thousands of years of retelling, with deeply embedded lessons and insights into universalities of human nature. Watching a folktale puppet performance is a rich experience that teaches on many levels.
Department of Education Visual and Performing Arts Standards. Attach additional sheet if necessary.
The experience of watching a Magical Moonshine Theatre performance offers many opportunities for content standards based learning. Artistic Perception (1.1 and 1.2) can be satisfied by pre and post performance discussion according to grade level, using vocabulary of theatre, identifying structural elements of plot, etc. Historical and Cultural Context (3.0) points out that study of culture is an important part of the theatre educational experience, which is an essential part of Magical Moonshine's multicultural folktale series. Aesthetic Valuing (4.0) is particularly accessible to a class who has shared the same performance experience; they can then compare and critique in post performance discussion.
Amount of funds you have available for this program $
Funding source (e.g. District, home and School Club, Fundraiser)
Amount of matching funds you are requesting from CCSCC ($1,000 maximum)
(this would generally be 50% of our fee.)

Step 3: Now you are almost finished! You must get your request in to the Cultural Council before the deadline. The SPECTRA application says you can fax the application to their fax number: (831) 475-9700 They also give an email address: artsedcoord@ccscc.org.

In addtion to faxing the application, you can also mail it to Cultural Council Santa Cruz County, SPECTRA Program, 2400 Chanticleer Avenue, Suite G, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

We hope this page has been helpful to you. Please let us know any comments or suggestions you have that might help us improve this page.

Also, we have a newsletter that might be of interest to teachers, parents, etc. You can look at the current copy at THIS LINK. We feature arts projects and drama curriculum suggestions and tips that hopefully will be useful in the classroom.


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